In honour of Private Function Saving Xmas at the Last Chance we’ve got this wonderful t-shirt designed by the always amazing Mike Foxall at the Art of the Fox to help you stuff your stockings!

Isn’t it just the best?

Really gets you in a festive kind of way.

Pre-Orders are open now and orders will end at 5pm on Tuesday so get in quick.

And because Australia Post is all kinds of fucked up at the moment (we’re still picking up packages from 3 months ago that have been returned because they’ve been “lost”) we’re going to offer an initiative to get you into the bar to pick up your goods.

Pay the $9.95 delivery at check out, leave a note in your order that you’re going to pick up in person and we will shout you a pint & a shot.

How’s that?

Xmas T-Shirt