This is going to be the hardest thing we are ever going to have to write.

The Last Chance will not survive the current lockdown.

It has absolutely devastated Leanne and myself to come to this realisation.

The amount of love, hard work, sacrifice and life that we have put into keeping our little hole in the wall alive over the last 5 years has been ridiculous.

The things we’ve done to not have it all fall apart since we first opened would make most heads spin.

We’ve gone so close to being shut more times than I care to remember but somehow, and I really don’t know how, we’ve always made it through.

It’s got me fucked.

I’m just proud that we’ve always found a way.

The Last Chance has always been the little pub that could.

We’ve always lived with the mantra of “die or die trying”.

It’s what’s got us through.

Unfortunately, the odds this time are too heavily stacked against us.

Given the economic implications of being a live music venue with our current outgoings and having been pretty much shut for the last 4 months we can no longer financially support our little home.

The Last Chance means so much to us.

It’s all we’ve ever wanted to do with our life.

We’ve always struggled on because we believe in, love and are more than just passionate about local live music.

We live for it.

That’s what we’re here for.

That’s what the Last Chance is here for.

The Last Chance has always known what purpose it serves to the local music community.

We’ve never been the place superstar, hot as shit, famous as fuck rock stars jump on stage every week to draw in the masses.

We’re a venue who has always been there for you, your friends and the bands.

It’s a place for the Freaks, Fiends & Losers.

And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We love what we do.

When I really think about it the Last Chance is a lot of bands very first chance.

The Last Chance is the venue you play your first gig.

It’s the place you headline your first show.

The Last Chance is the first “sold out” sign on a front door you will ever get.

We’re the very first link between rehearsal and every other thing a band will do.

We’ve always been proud of that fact.

Having to give all of that up is heartbreaking.

However, the fact remains that live music will not return to our stage in time to save us.

And if we can’t sling booze to people watching bands we can’t pay the bills.

Being a live music venue will not keep the Last Chance open.

But giving up won’t keep it open either.

We die or we die trying.

And, believe me, we’re going to keep trying until the bitter fucking end.

It’s what we do.

You didn’t’ think that we would just call last drinks and sail off into bankruptcy, did you?

Fuck no.

The Last Chance may not be able to stay alive being a pub but we can change so that when this shit fucks off it will be there for all of you.

Beating our heads against the wall won’t get us to the other side.

If the business doesn’t work change the business.

In light of that, we need to completely change what we do until the Last Chance can get live music back in our little punk rock hole in the wall.

So, we have.

But we need your support.

To be more accurate we need about 3000 of you to support us.

This isn’t us asking for handout though… we’ve got something for all of you as well.

Introducing Rock & Roll Magazine “the online music magazine from the Last Chance that saved a live music venue”.

This has been something we’ve always been working on in the background.

As passionate as we are about local live music we are just as passionate about local music journalism.

And if we can continue to support live music, bands, artists, other venues and the local scene at the same time as saving our little live music venue?

You can bet your arse we’re going to.

Rock & Roll Magazine is going to be just like the Last Chance.

Just like the little hole in the wall we’ve got now it will be a place creativity can gather, be seen, and flourish.

From interviews, to feature pieces, to live streams, to record reviews to absolutely anything we can possibly think of.

It’s all going to be there for you and the music community.

But we need you to be there for us.

To put it in pub terms we need you to buy the equivalent of 1 pint a month off us for the next 6 months.

1 pint per month.

Fucking 6 pints over 6 months.

That’s it.

You won’t be getting the 6 pints but you will be giving us the chance to keep going and getting yourself a fucking bang up online music magazine to read in lockdown.

And we think it’s worth it.

We hope you do as well.

The equivalent of 6 pints will help keep our rent paid, our electricity paid, our gas paid, our staff employed, and we will be able to reopen when this is all over.

It seems like an impossible task, but we believe that there has be at least 3000 people in Australia, not just Melbourne, who want to not only save a live music venue but create something new.

So if you can, we’re asking you wo head over to www.thelastchance.com.au/shop and support us so we can get through this.

You can get a 1 Pint a Month, or a 2 Pint a Month, or even a 3 Pint a Month supporter pack.

We’ve even got some new t-shirt designs that you can add on so you look just as fucking cool as you are.

We know that this is a big ask.

But faced with what we’re facing we know that this is the right decision for us to stay in business and keep our home alive so we can continue putting bands on our stage when we can.

We will do anything and everything to make sure that happens.

Leanne & I are truly humbled by the support we’ve received so far.

We love all of you and we hope we can continue our crazy little adventure with all of you.

Thank you all.

We love you.


Shane & Leanne